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"A Miracle Drink from Nature"

Cocomax Commercial - Rejuvenate to the max

Cocomax Commercial - Rejuvenate to the max

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Cocomax is made from Thai coconut water, refreshing, delicious, and more effective than plain water for hydrating.


5 essential electrolytes in coconut water ​Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Calcium to refresh your body and rejuvenate you to the max!

Naturally Sweet:

With natural sweetness and less sugar than any other coconut water on the market, Cocomax has the original great taste with no fat and no cholesterol.

Superior Freshness


We use Cold Aseptic filling system, Cocomax is the first to use this technology to produce ready-to-drink 100% pure Coconut water. This state of the art process retains the natural sweetness and superior freshness of the coconut water as well as ALL the important nutritional value. Cocomax process produces the best quality coconut water with less sugar and more natural sweetness than any other competing brand on the market.

Pure Coconut Water

The A-graded fresh aromatic coconuts used in Cocomax are collected  in three different ways, by climbing, by using a ladder or by using a very long stick to pluck the coconuts from the tree. From plantation to factory Cocomax coconuts will be transformed into one of the best tasting coconut waters in the world. Bottling coconut water while retaining its wholesome goodness from nature and its deliciousness, making it the closest to the natural taste. Cocomax is a natural breakthrough, we have researchers that help advance in the development of coconut breeding. Cocomax helps create a source of income for the farmers so they can make a living from coconuts.

Cocomax 1 liter bottle

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